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Please permit me to step outside my Big Brother mask to thank editors of The Vancouver Province for their editorial “POLICE PROVE PAUL ST.PIERRE IS RIGHT.” (Thursday,August 16, 2012)

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I write occasional enthusiastic Big Brother support pieces about our slide into the kind of state apparatus which could have pleased only Hitler or Stalin, whom only a few Oldthink Proleterians remember. My hope is to alert more people to today’s realities. To have aroused the interest of one of North America’s major journals is gratifying.



Big Brother’s ceaseless effort to corral us all in Brave New World always involves the Rulers.

Here is the latest news from the Rulers:

The Proletariat in British Columbia became discontented about Insurance Corporation of B.C. This was because a study showed that while ICBC revenues declined the executive class increased by 70 per cent in cost and 32 per cent in number. The study suggested that cutting ICBC staff by 195 people.

There was a quick reaction. The Chief Executive Officer promised to resign as one of the 195 recommended for retirement. This cheered up some Proles.

However it turns out that he will continue to be paid at full salary as a consultant until until June, 2013.

The amount of the payments to him is not contained in the news release and nobody in B.C. seems to much care



A liar named Adam Wheeler, age 25, has been jailed to support Brave New World. Mr. Wheeler did not do anything on a grand scale. He did not involve the world’s big pension funds in a Ponzi scheme and cheat oldsters of their pensions. He did not invade another nation on grounds known from Day One to be spurious. All he did was try to get a degree in education.

NOTE, PLEASE: This is a rather complicated story and you should pay close attention if you know what is good for you.

First, young Wheeler became a Harvard University student by lying about his earlier education. Although one of the world’s leading academic institutions, nobody on the Harvard admissions council proved smart enough to notice. He was a student there for four years. During those four years he obtained many thousand dollars in awards for extended studies. For the extended studies he used the works of other people, a process commonly known as plagiarism.

After four years, the brightest minds of the continent’s brightest institution of higher learning began to have suspicions.

They checked the records and found almost all of them false. The legal actions which followed are too complex for people who are not Harvard to spend time on. However it may be sufficient to say that at one point Harvard obtained a court order forbidding Mr. Wheeler from saying he had attended Harvard. This required him to deny, under pain of prosecution and jail, that he had been inside the doors of the place during those four years. What was he supposed to say about those four years? Well, he was an ingenious chap, it was up to him, but it was forbidden that he tell the truth.

Eventually the lad was thrown into the Iron Slammer for 12 months. Whether he is allowed to say, from within jail walls, that he spent four years at Harvard is unclear.

Neither is it clear if any of the admissions staff, professors or deans who were too lazy or incompetent to notice the cheating were punished.

The university’s own words, which are on the record and not yet forbidden for republication, are: “Were he permitted to profit … all of higher education would continue to be negatively impacted.” (Negatively impacted is the way you say damaged, if you have been to Harvard.)


A Public Apology

For forty odd years, maybe 50, I have had nowhere to address this. I still don’t, maybe the man is dead. I write in the faint hope that it may somehow reach him and that some of my shame will be alleviated.

I was on the Rim in those years, the Rim being where everybody’s stories for the paper were read, corrected, sent back for revision, etc.. and when we were through we eventually wrote a headline for the story and sent it to composing room to be translated into sticks of melted lead and, with luck, printed in the newspaper.

He to whom I apologize was a copy boy – the lowest form of life known on newspapers at that time. Copy boys were less than nothing and so were the copy girls who eventually joined them. I recognize now, at long last, that they were people not only my equals but also me, myself, I. They worshipped newspapering and wanted nothing more than to become one of the newspaper writers themselves. Why did we treat them so rudely? I will tell you; I do not know. It was the way things were.

This copy boy, whose name I cannot remember and may never have known, chose me for some reason as his hero figure. He wanted to be like me. Skip ahead a few years now…..He entlisted in the army and served in Korea. Not long after I got myself elected a Member of Parliament and went to Ottawa.

One day, sitting with friends in the Vancouver Sun cafeteria and talking politics, who should turn up at my side but that Copy Boy, older now of course and looking it after Korea. He spoke quietly and politely. He recognized that I was among my friends but he and his girl friend, a few booths over, would wait until our group broke up and would I then come over and-say a few words to them? I said yes, of course, and the closest I can come to excusing my behavior was that I meant to. I had every intention of stopping on my way out of the cafeteria and coming over to meet his girl friend.

When it was time to leave, every trace of memory had been erased. I walked out ignoring them. It was a disgusting display of bad manners that didn’t come back my mind until half an hour later. I didn’t know his address, far less his name to send an apology and he had long since left the newspaper.This careless, stupid, contemptuous behavior by me is still hard for me to live with today.

If by any miracle this message should ever reach him MY SINCERE APOLOGIES,SIR.
I probably hurt your feelings then. My feelings have hurt ever since.



While this space is devoted to speeding Canada’s transition into a full police state, we have usually had only two models in mind since Hitler and Stalin left. One is George Orwell’s 1984, the other is Aldous Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD.

There is now a third far sighted writer, Canadian Margaret Atwood. who foresees a third type of totalitarianism. Her society establishes a society which achieves control of its members without the 1984’s cruelty or the Brave New World’s stupefying narcotics. On pages xxiii and xxiv of the Vintage Canada 2007 edition are these words:

Government by clubs and firing squads, by artifically induced famines, by mass imprisonments and mass deportations is not merely inhumane (nobody cares much about nowadays anyway) it is demonstrably inefficient and in an age of advanced technology inefficiency is a sin against the Holy Ghost. A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude……The most important Manhattan Projects of the future will be vast government sponsored inquiries into …..’the problem of happiness–in other words the problem of making people love their servitude….(in)…..the welfare-tyranny of Utopia.’